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Important Developer Note:

Unfortunately, AdMob decided to remove all ads from 4vid, our main source of revenue and what was keeping the servers alive, forcing us to make an undesired update to our app.

From now on, 4vid has limited downloads (max. 1 download / 10 minutes) while 4vid Pro has unlimited downloads.

Since this was a forced move we decided to decrease the price of 4vid Pro to 0.5€. Hope you understand that such a service requires funds so we can keep it running.

From version 4vid 4.0.0:

4vid will be replaced by Vidz.

We are launching Vidz, our new app and an alternative to 4vid considering our servers will be shut down before the 30th of November. Be sure to download Vidz so you can keep downloading your favourite videos with the same quality as before.

With Vidz you can download any video from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, for free without any limits. More platforms will be added very soon.

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October 30, 2018
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