The most used app for public transport: more than 5 million users in 2022. The 9292 app combines all current train, bus, tram, metro and ferry timetables of all public transport companies in the Netherlands in 1 app. Is a trip canceled unexpectedly? The app automatically provides current alternative travel advice

9292 travels with you
Thanks to the travel planner of 9292, you can plan all your trips in Netherlands with the train, bus, metro, tram, and ferry. Need to travel by bicycle, electric bicycle / scooter or a rental bike? We can include that in your travel advice. Enter your trip from A to B and we will immediately show you up-to-date travel information for all public transport in the Netherlands. And the app is also prepared for showing Flex-OV such as the watertaxi in Rotterdam. In case of any changes, we will show you an alternative travel advice. The up-to-date public transport planner provides live public transport info for NS, Arriva, Connexxion, Breng, Hermes, Keolis, RRReis, Qbuzz, EBS, U-OV, RET, HTM, GVB and Waterbus.

E-ticket for the entire journey
You can buy e-tickets straight from the travel advice in the 9292 app. The affiliated public transport services for bus, tram, metro and ferry are Breng, Connexxion, EBS, Hermes, HTM, Keolis, RET, U-OV and Waterbus. For all national trains, these are NS, Blauwnet, Qbuzz, Connexxion, Arriva and Keolis.

Music on the go
Plan your journey in the 9292 app. At the bottom of the travel advice of your choice you will see the button "Playlist for this trip". This will take you to the Playlist Generator. On this page we create a playlist based on the travel time of your chosen travel advice.

Occupancy expectation
During these times, it is important to take into account how crowded the train, bus, tram or metro service is for your travel plans. The 9292 app displays the expected occupancy per mode of transport for each travel advice, as communicated to us by the transport services.

Bicycle pre- and post-journey
Under ‘Options’, you can indicate if you want to walk, cycle or ride a scooter at the start or end of your trip. This will give you the most complete advice with all relevant information for travelling from A to B. You can also opt for an electric bicycle or rental bicycle. To make it even easier, we also show you bicycle rental locations if you select bicycle. Very useful for covering the last bit to your final destination!

The app has multiple options for selecting your location of departure or arrival: your ‘current location’ (via GPS), a known location (shopping mall, station or attraction), an address or bus stop, your contacts, and even your frequently or recently used locations.

Unique starting screen
Enter your favourite locations and routes on the starting screen by using the plus-sign. This turns the 9292-app into your own personal app for quickly planning your trip from A to B, without needing an account. You can also add a bus stop or station you frequently use to your starting screen this way. Now you will always have access to the up-to-date departure times of that stop.

Save travel advice
Want to save a specific travel advice? You can! Simply use the plus-sign in the top right corner of the travel advice. You can find your saved travel advice by using the menu in the app.

Route on the map
The travel advice shows you a map with the route of that advice. Press on this and you will see the travel advice step by step on a detailed map. Now you can swipe through your entire trip!

From version 9292 public transport & ticket 2.19.3:

Update 9292 travel planner for all public transport incl. e-tickets: in this update some small improvements. Do you have any wishes for the next 9292 app? Let us know via the form on

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