SUPLA for Android is part of a project developed based on an open software and open hardware. Control modules for Raspberry Pl and ESP8266/ESP32/Arduino platforms can be built to operate building automatics. The system allows to:
- Open and close the gate
- Open and close garage doors
- Open the door
- Open the gateway
- Open and close roller shutters
- Control RGB lighting
- Control light brightness level
- Varilight dimmer control (V-Pro Smart)
- Control of Heatpol Home+ heaters
- Turn the power on and off
- Turn the lighting on and off
- Monitor status of roller shutters, the gate, garage doors, the door and the gateway
- Monitor liquid sensor
- Monitor distance sensor
- Monitor depth sensor
- Present temperature and humidity from a connected sensors
- Monitoring of electricity, gas and water consumption
- Generating charts of temperature, humidity and consumption of electricity, gas and water

Supla is open, simple and free!
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From version SUPLA 2.3.80:

- The saving of filters for charts has been introduced
- Graphs for energy meters gained the opportunity to present in the "balloon" data for the selected phase.
- Added the ability to add multiple accounts to one application and switch between them.

(x86) (Android 4.0+)
Latest: 2.3.77 on September 1, 2021
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SUPLA 2.3.80
June 7, 2022


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SUPLA 2.3.79
December 10, 2021


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SUPLA 2.3.77
September 1, 2021


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