This is the official application from Acer. With Liquid Life, you can maintain your activity and lifestyle history to bring more joy and happiness in your life through sharing and connecting with your family and friends.

In the very beginning of setting Liquid Life, you will be asked to choose your own avatar and log in your personal information. Once all set up, Liquid Life is ready to keep you company all the time and give you smart suggestions.

◆ Swipe right on the main page and you will see the “Life Page”. There are varieties of health news relative to your body data, prioritized and personalized to show you what is best for you.

◆ Swipe left on the main page and you will see the page “My groups”. Here you can create family groups, running groups and many other preferable groups and keep in touch with your loved ones. Once you set up your groups, you will be asked to configure privacy settings, so that you share only the data you want to share. In “My groups” page, you can check out the status of your members, create a sport competition with your members, and also, ask people to join your cycling events.

◆ When you walk, run, ride a bike, or exercise indoors or outdoors, you can track your physical activities from your smart wearable, or from other trackers and sensors, and then keep your record in Liquid Life.

◆ Liquid Life also helps you build up your lifestyle pattern by logging habits, such as your water intake, weight and reminding you to take pills. Furthermore, it can help you manage your stress.

◆ Liquid Life forecasts environmental information such as UV level to provide smart suggestions for preventing weather impact.

From version Acer Liquid Life 1.02.0384:

Fix contact incoming call on Leap Ware should show contact name, not Unknown.

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February 26, 2019


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January 11, 2019


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November 7, 2018


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