Pixel Shortcuts is a helper utility that makes it easier to load apps already on your device that for whatever reason don't appear in your launcher. Digital Wellbeing is one such app, but there are others, especially system launchers such as Pixel Launcher, Android Launcher and Samsung Experience Home.

By default these apps do not appear in the app drawer of a launcher, and can only be accessed by digging into the device's system settings. Pixel Shortcuts fixes this problem by both making these apps appear in a launcher's app drawer, and providing widgets that can be dragged to a home screen to directly load the apps.

** Please be aware that Pixel Shortcuts will not magically make a non-Pie, non-Pixel device able to run the Digital Wellbeing app. **

Pixel Shortcuts offers is a way to more easily load otherwise obscured apps already on your device - nothing more, nothing less. Please see here for a detailed Pixel Shortcuts FAQ: blog.actionlauncher.com/pixel-shortcuts-faq-1005265ef5fb

Pixel Shortcuts is provided completely free of charge. If you find utility in the app, please consider checking out our main app Action Launcher šŸ˜ƒ

From version Pixel Shortcuts: Launcher/Digital Wellbeing helper 1.0:

Introducing Pixel Shortcuts! This is the initial release. Read all about it here: blog.actionlauncher.com/introducing-pixel-shortcuts-333d622b3368

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