The Adobe Aero Player (Beta) is a free Android app that allows anyone to view and interact with AR experiences made with Aero and shared via an Aero link.

Creators who publish experiences from Aero desktop (Mac and Win) can share their experiences on Android devices, and enable their audience to interact with it.

In the Aero Player (Beta) app, you will be able to:

- view your own experience made by Adobe Aero Desktop (Beta)

- view an experience that was shared with you (via a link or a QR code)

- Browse and discover curated Aero experiences in-app from Behance.

From version Aero Player (Beta) 0.2.0 (Early Access):

View AR Content by:
* Selecting AR experiences from the home screen and clicking the Ar button
* Creating your own AR experiences in Aero iOS or Desktop (Beta), publish via Share -> Share a link, view on Android

* New Year 2021 – crash when model close to camera
* Loading scene from QR code occasionally freezes camera
* Freeze when returning to app after minimized/asleep for 2+ mins
* Crash when a directable character scene has a pin present

All versions