Swipeup Utility allows you to customize your phone's assist fuction.

It'll give you super quick access to voice search, camera, calculator, and whatever else you might need.

In fact, you can:

• Do nothing! Swipeup Utility's original purpose was to get that annoying swipe gesture out of the way, so if you choose to do nothing, your swipes will- do nothing!

• Assign the gesture to any app- Launch Bing instead of Google. Or start your music. Or messages.

• Swipeup Utility's Actions- Trigger recent apps, voice search, home button press, quick search, long-press search, or video camera.

• Shortcuts- Standard shortcuts that you'd find on a launcher. Navigate home with Google Maps, open up Google Translate to start listening, or get quick access to someone with a contact shortcut.

With Premium:

• Switch to last used app
• Lock screen
• Toggle flashlight
• Expand Notifications
• Expand Quick Settings
• Toggle Wifi
• Toggle Bluetooth

Swipeup Utility builds on top of the assist functionality, so if your device doesn't have an on screen navigation bar, look for a G or search icon somewhere in recent apps or a long press of a button, depending on the manufacturer skin.

For more information, check out the How-to & FAQ. github.com/aecl755/Swipeup-Utility#readme

To get a chance to try new features early, participate in the beta program! Join the community on Google+ (plus.google.com/communities/101796628081413739274) for updates and click play.google.com/apps/testing/com.AdrianCampos.swipeuputility to join. You'll be among the first to receive bugfixes and new features, but you might experience little quirks or (hopefully not) crashes.
If you have any comments/suggestions, or for more information, feel free to check out the github page at github.com/aecl755/Swipeup-Utility#readme.

Hey! Want to see the app in your language? Head over to translate.aecampos.com to help out!

Note: This app is a continuation of Google Now Swipe Disabler.
Another Note: Due to restrictions baked into android, Swipeup Utility is unable to hide the semicircle that shows when you swipe up from the bottom. Personally, this doesn't bother me and I hope it won't bother you.
Yet Another Note: Some device manufacturers change this swipe up action to reduce or even eliminate Swipeup Utility's functionality. Some galaxy devices require a long home button press instead of a swipe, and some require the long home button press and a tap on an icon. Lg and Sony devices add their own icons in the semicircle, so you need to swipe towards the magnifying glass.


From version Swipeup Utility 2.1.3:

*Removed Internet permission
*Support for 7.1
*App Shortcuts
*Fingerprint launch: Individually enable/disable tap, registered, and unregistered fingers
*Fixed crash on certain 6.0 devices
*Fingerprint support! Tap the fingerprint sensor to launch your action.
*Cleaned up menu
*Added home screen shortcut that launches Swipeup Utility's action.

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Swipeup Utility 2.1.3
August 23, 2017


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Swipeup Utility 2.0.8
October 19, 2016


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