This wonderful arcade platformer takes you on adventure to the retro pixel magical bunny world.

Touch control never been so easy and accurate! Run, jump and climb on the walls just by tapping anywhere on the 8bit screen. Collect cute carrots and tiny keys and run to complete the pocket levels and reach different super amazing worlds with unique characters and enemies! Run super pixel worlds and travel through kingdom in this challenging retro arcade platformer.

This tiny cute bunny is a hero who wants to explore another lands with you, will you come, super run and play this arcade retro 8bit platformer? This is great adventure where you can be a hero.

> 9 unique cute worlds to run and complete
> 3 different pocket climate zones to visit with tiny animals
> natural and satisfying jump touch control
> easy to learn and addictive gameplay
> 48 fun levels with tiny animals to complete
> cute retro pixel visuals
> achievements to collect
> 4 bosses to beat

From version Yeah Bunny! 1.49.6:

-stability improvment

Latest: 1.49.5 on June 10, 2019
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Yeah Bunny! 1.49.6


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Yeah Bunny! 1.49.5
June 10, 2019


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