Cast web videos and music from your phone to your TV wirelessly and for FREE.

Use this app to browse your favorite web media to discover online video or audio you'd like to enjoy - then simply tap play. Locally stored videos and photos playback is now supported.

Tubio automatically discovers all connected TVs around (over the same Wi-Fi network) and lets you stream with just your phone.

*Supported players*

• All DLNA/UPnP/AllShare enabled smart TVs by Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba, Philips, Pioneer and others which support Mpeg4 over DLNA (mainly from 2010 onwards)
• XBox one, XBox 360
• Apple TV Airplay
• Chromecast, Nexus player, Android TV
• Roku Streaming TV & Media Player
• Amazon Fire TV

*Tubio features*

Use Tubio as your TV remote to control the stream - play, pause, stop or seek. You can also adjust volume using the hardware buttons of your Android device.

Now you can enjoy videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, music from Soundcloud, Mixcloud etc. straight on your TV with just a tap. And what's more, you can also bookmark other websites you like for a quick access every time you enter the app.

While streaming, you can continue using your phone as usual without interrupting the current playback.

*Quick tips to start enjoying Tubio instantly*

• Make sure your phone and TV are connected over the same Wi-Fi network.
• Not sure whether your TV is compatible? Look for the DLNA logo on the box or in the user manual of your TV/receiver set, or simply download this app for free.

*Upgrade to Premium version (available as an in-app purchase)*

Premium version has no ads. It also offers additional HD playback (where available) and unlimited customer support.

Let's get in touch:

From version Tubio - Cast Web Videos to TV 3.24:

• Updated libraries
• Stability and performance improvements

• Updated Ad Blocker

• Turkish localization
• HLS with alternate audio support

• Material Design to change the look and feel of your UI

• Seek supported by finite HLS videos
• Subtitles are now supported on DLNA, Chromecast. Android TV and Amazon Fire TV
• Web page subtitles detected and supported

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Tubio - Cast Web Videos to TV 3.24


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Tubio - Cast Web Videos to TV 3.18


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Tubio - Cast Web Videos to TV 3.17


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Tubio - Cast Web Videos to TV 3.15


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Tubio - Cast Web Videos to TV 3.14


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Tubio - Cast Web Videos to TV 3.13


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Tubio - Cast Web Videos to TV 3.12


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