Ever occurs that you just go out of home and it rains heavily, and you have no umbrella in hand? Or you have an extremely important appointment in business, and your flight suddenly delays with the extreme weather condition? If yes, now, it’s time to control your life/work with weather forecast and alerts application – Weather Lite

Weather Lite is the best accurate weather channel to improve your lifestyle and schedule planning.Basically speaking, weather forecast is super helpful to make sure you have the good planning of outgoing and work. Our mission at this super Weather Lite application is to ensure that everyone receives the total simple life/work experience from weather information provider.

With this amazing weather application, you are able to keep noticed with the fastest weather alerts, real-time weather conditions, accurate hourly forecasts & 5-day forecasts. Not only that, you can check the lightning alerts, precipitation, local temperature, local humidity, wind speed, visibility, and so much more.On the home screen interface, you can have a good location management. No matter where you are, you can get the location and check the weather report at your fingers.
Here, Weather Lite forecast tool offers you ability to do the following to improve your experience:
- Direct Weather Conditions: Real-time weather conditions for your local & saved locations from a trustworthy source to better plan your work & trips.
- Alert Notifications: Receive severe weather alerts to give user valid weather data anytime, anywhere.
- Detailed Weather Forecasts: Reliable hourly forecasts &5-day forecasts
Notification View: Timely get current weather conditions & receive alerts in your notifications area
- Precise Weather Details: Get wind speed, local humidity, visibility, weather observations and more
- Weather Widgets: Add weather information to your home screen with weather widgets
- Intuitive interface: Vividly clear display that provides information in an instant
- Global Weather: Global weather interface for users to track your favorite cities' weather condition

Get Started:
Start using Weather Lite and access all the functions via our app, you need to open the location permission to search the weather information.

Connect with us:
If you have any suggestion about our Weather lite, feel free to contact us:
Email: agile.appcenter@gmail.com

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