Recognize plants with a tap of your finger! Learn more about plants around you!
Want to become a professional gardener? Do you ever see a plant and wonder what it is? Would you like to have a personal botany expert on call when needed? Here comes your plant identifier!


● Simply focus your camera on the object of your interest and snap a picture.
● Get a description of every plant, mushroom, rock, and insect.
● Add the plant to My Plants.
● Set care reminders.
● Diagnose a plant with our plant disease identifier.
● You can also use the photos on your phone.
Explore the wonderful world of nature with the smart plant identifier app!


● Our plant identifier will help you recognize over 15,000 natural objects, with up to 95% accuracy — snap a leaf, flower, tree, mushroom, rock, mineral, or insect.
● Our recognition algorithm has been significantly improved for you to get the most precise plant identification ever!
● Name search — find out species easily by entering their names.
● Filters — discover the plants that suit you best.
● Enjoy a clear and beautiful interface.


Get exhaustive information on how much water, light, and fertilizer your plant needs to stay healthy. With NatureID, you'll have all your questions answered — everything you need to know about plant care is right here in the app (and a bit more).


Don’t keep all care recommendations in your head at once; it will end up badly, and you’ll forget something important. Set timely reminders for watering, misting, feeding, and rotating in the app — and see your plants grow happily and healthily.


You don’t need to be a garden and plant care expert to know what’s wrong with your plant. Take photos of the symptoms, check them in our plant disease identifier, and get a detailed description of the disease, as well as proper treatment and prevention recommendations.


With NatureID, you have everything you need to provide your garden with the best care in one place:
● Pot Meter — measure the volume of your pot and see if it fits your green pet.
● Light Meter — find out how much sun you can provide for your plants.
● Water Calculator — estimate the optimal amount of moisture and watering frequency for your green pet.
● Weather Tracker — adjust your care routine based on the local weather conditions and be aware of the changes that can affect your outdoor plants.
● Vacation Mode — share your plant care schedule with your family or friends so they can look after your plants while you're away.


Our app’s initial goal was to provide accurate flora and tree identification, and now we can do so much more! Apart from the extensive plant database with information about different species, we offer plenty of entertaining and useful articles about plants as well as gardening and plant care tips.
NatureID is an excellent hobbyist tool with a striking mix of technology and nature. The magic of plant identification will reveal the secret of a tree by its leaf, help recognize all mysterious seedlings in your garden and save you from pulling a flower by mistake. And if you travel often, you can keep a record of all the plants you encounter on your trips.
Get NatureID, take advantage of plant identification, and start on the path to becoming a true nature expert today. Everything you need is one tap away!

From version NatureID - Plant Identifier 2.42.1:

Hello, nature lovers! Today we’ve got some exciting updates for you! In the new version:

– Polished design for a more enjoyable app experience
– Minor bugs were detected and fixed

Please send your reviews and comments to, and help us make the app better for you!

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NatureID team

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