Q Actions makes your phone the ubiquitous digital assistant. Use voice commands to instantly execute actions within apps on your mobile device. Get more done when you are on-the-go by seamlessly executing powerful actions across your favorite apps.

Use easy, natural commands to execute actions within familiar apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, PayPal, Twitter, Spotify, Yelp, YouTube, HotelTonight, Calendar, Amazon, Slack, and hundreds more. Unlock functionality not available in other digital assistants.

Sample Q Actions commands:
"show my actions"
“show my boarding pass”
“show my favorite hotels”
“I’d like to make a payment”
“I need a haircut”
“tell John I’m going to be late for the meeting”
”show friends nearby”

Q Actions highlights:
• Just install Q Actions and start talking
• Easily discover actions - just say “show my actions
• Interact with apps already on your phone with privacy
• Launch any app - just say “open < application >
• Execute personal actions securely without registering your apps with Q Actions
• The only Alexa skill or Google Assistant action you will need…

System Actions:
"turn on/off bluetooth"
"turn on/off wifi"
“enable do not disturb”
“put my phone on vibrate”
“play next song”
“call Jason Chen”
“dial Mario on speaker”
“save last number as Mark Johnson”
”take me to Rob's apartment”

Automate your day with Action Recipes:

Finding yourself routinely using the same set of actions as you commute to work or prepare for your workout session? Action Recipes strings together your favorite actions to help you get through the day. With Action Recipes, you can run multiple actions from apps already on your phone with simple voice commands.

Hands on the steering wheel as you start your daily commute to work?
“start my morning commute”
• Start streaming NPR as Google Maps navigates you through the best route to work

Earbuds on, phone stowed, as you get ready for your routine run around the neighborhood or nearby trail?
“start my workout”
• Play your favorite tracks on Spotify, Pandora, or Google Play Music as MapMyRun, Mi Fit or Google Fit logs your workout session

Hands tied as you gather your carry-ons and prepare to board the plane?
“ready to board”
• Send someone a quick message through SMS, WhatsApp, or WeChat as United, American Airlines, Alaska, or Fly Delta brings up your boarding pass

Life becomes easier with Q Actions!

This app uses Accessibility services.

Get the Q Actions Alexa Skill: www.amazon.com/Aiqudo-Q-Actions/dp/B071FPDYQH/

Get the Q Actions Google Action: assistant.google.com/services/a/id/0d745c63164aab87/

From version Q Actions - Digital Assistant 2.5 (Early Access):

- Notification Announcement feature 🎉
- Bug fixes 👾

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