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AMD Link 4.0 is ONLY compatible with our AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.4.1 for Windows 10, or later; so please update your drivers to the latest version, otherwise you'll get a "server unsupported" error. Windows 7 users should look at our AMD Link Legacy app.

You can find the AMD Link FAQ with more information here: www.amd.com/amdlinkfaq

AMD Link is a powerful mobile, and smart TV app built to complement AMD Radeon™ Software Adrenalin Edition. Sporting a brand new modern user interface, AMD Link brings Radeon™ Gaming to phones, tablets, smart TVs and other Windows 10 Radeon PCs, while conveniently allowing you to access gameplay performance metrics and PC system information. You can easily connect to your PC locally or on the go via an internet connection, by either using a PIN in Radeon™ Software or manually entering the required info. It is an extremely powerful tool designed with today’s socially connected, mobile-first world in mind - and with the gamer at its center. Our streaming backend has been redesigned for this version, providing lower latency gaming, and our Link Game feature allows to invite friends to play together. Also new in this version is the ability to autoconfigure your streaming settings, based on your network conditions.

The mobile App dashboard includes five main sections:
• The Home section contains information about recently streamed games, recent media and images you can click on to learn more about AMD or AMD partner products
• Gaming: Launch your PC games and stream them to your mobile device, customize your controllers, or even use it as a Remote Desktop solution for your Windows desktop. See and preview your media gallery photos and videos, trim them and save them to your device.
• Streaming: Allows one-touch capture, instant replay and instant GIF of your gameplay, and to stream your game to popular streaming platforms.
• Performance: Brings the power of Radeon Software’s tracking abilities to your mobile device and enables you to monitor and track gaming performance and system info of your PC through easy-to-understand bar graphs.
* Settings: All the app settings in once convenient place to personalize your experience
• Voice Recognition: Tap on the microphone icon to control several aspects of AMD Link with a simple voice command

The TV App dashboard includes three main sections:
• Connect section: connect to your PC quickly and easily to get AMD Link for your Smart TV started
• Gaming section: Launch your PC games and stream them to your Smart TV, or view recent media
• Media section: playback gameplay moments saved on your PC

From version AMD Link 4.0.211022:

• Fixed streaming issues when using Diablo 2 : Resurrected and Age of Empires IV

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