Amino has social micro-networks called communities which contain all the topics you may be passionate about - Anime fan? K-pop maybe? Video games? Music? Art? TV series? Whatever you're into, Amino has a community that's perfect for you.

⬛ MEET new friends and talk about the interests you love. Amino brings people together from around the world so you can meet and share your interests. Whether you're a fan of an Anime series, a K-pop band or an international singer, make friends on the topics you're most passionate about!

⬛ DISCOVER thousands of communities based on fandoms and interests. You can join up to 100 different communities where you can create and view content from fans for fans and connect by chatting with members as passionate as you are.

⬛ HAVE FUN viewing fan content or create your own. You can create and share blogs, polls, quizzes, images, wikis and chats about the stuff you love. Reviews, analysis, tutorials, news... Create anything! You can also share your art like fanfics, fanart, cosplay...

⬛ CHAT and forge friendships with other users around the world who love what you love. Send stickers, send voice notes or start a voice call with them - you can even watch videos simultaneously with other members! You can create public chats, group chats or private chats.

⬛ CUSTOMIZE your profile for each community you join and add a bio - decorate your profile with frames and chat bubbles to let everyone know what your personality is and what you love about the fandom!

⬛ PARTICIPATE in challenges and all the cool activities organized by community members or organize your own contests - an edit, fanart or fanfic competition? That sounds super cool! You're sure to make a lot of friends along the way.

Share your interests and make new friends on Amino!

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