The traditional art of note-taking and writing brought on your phone through a clean and clutter-free design to eliminate every distraction. Your creativity will do the rest.

Steno is a lightweight note taking and writing app centered around minimalism to avoid all the unnecessary and distracting stuff.

Beta testers who are interested in communicating more with us please refer to

Currently available features:
• Quickly add, edit and delete notes
• Light-on-dark color scheme (dark mode) for less eyestrain
• Support for undo feature in case of accidental note deletion
• Easily organize your content with hashtags: automatic-folders will group notes containing in-line hashtags (e.g.: #idea #todo #list etc.)
• Find what you need, fast: search through all your notes or filter them by folder/label
• Share your notes with friends and family

From version Steno Notes - minimalistic note keeping & writing 0.1.0 (Early Access):

Some TV series caused distraction but we make up for it in this small update:
- With dark mode text fields were hidden in the intro screen for new users
- Dark mode wasn't providing enough contrast and made text difficult to read. We slightly tuned the colours to remedy to this.

New quirks and features:
• Phones with support of night/dark mode will benefit from Steno's new Dark theme.
• Looking for a particular note? Use the magnifier icon to search through your notes.

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