Starting from Android 8.1, when you set a wallpaper, the OS might change its colors based on it.

Sometimes what you get might not be what you'd wish to have.

This is why I've made this tiny live wallpaper app.

The app allows you to manually set which colors you'd like to request the OS to use.
This means that even if you have a relatively white background, you can still (if the OS allows it) have a dark themed notification drawer.

Features :

1. Ability to choose which photo to have as a background, and a color behind it.
2. Ability to have a double-tap-to-lock device (requires admin privilege or rooted device).
3. Ability to choose which colors to request from the OS. Note that each color meaning depends on the OS alone.
4. Ability to show GIF animation (experimental).

- This is a live wallpaper app. It means you can't use another live wallpaper app that shows its content, within it. Only one live wallpaper app can be active. This is how Android works. I can't do anything about it.
What you can do is have a normal wallpaper for the lock screen while using this app for the home screen.
- The app allows to use either admin privilege or accessibility to lock the screen using a gesture of double tap.

For more information, questions and answers, visit the website.
From version LWP+ - live wallpaper with customized colors 1.73:
Added a new way to lock the screen: using accessibility service.
This can help in case you have set a fingerprint lock screen, and you want to unlock using the fingerprint alone.
Latest: 1.42 on September 10, 2018
Latest: 1.73 on September 30, 2019
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