Midong app hopes to take simple, interesting while professional methods help people develop healthy habits and live better.

Midong app can automatically track your activity, calorie burn, sleep (sleep track needs a band) as well as other data. These data are displayed in different diagrams to give you a direct view of your own exercise habits and sleep quality. Meanwhile, according to data analysis, Midong offers professional suggestions to encourage you change bad habits and be more healthy.

Track your all-day activity and sleep automatically.

— Track all-day steps and display exercise, calorie burn and sleep data in time sequence.
— Count out the calories you burned in every single minute according to your BEE and activities.
— Distinguish whether it’s a walk or an activity, so you’ll know the exact source of your steps and calorie burn.
— Track and analyze your sleep details when you wear an Amazfit band.

Daily & Weekly diagrams directly show your habits.

—Tap the big circle on homepage to view your daily details.
— Diagram of steps tells your exercise habit and provide a basis for a better exercise plan.
—Diagram of sleep visualizes your sleep and shows all the awake, light sleep and deep sleep time on it.
— Offer healthy advices based on data analysis to help you improve living habits in scientifically.

Interesting and personalized pages to share with others.

— Hit your daily goal and burned 5 shrimp dumplings? Post it on your Facebook!
— Just finished a 10 km run for the first time? Take a picture with our watermark to show off!
— Have been sticking to healthy habits for a whole week? Share your data with friends!

What’s more?
— Support Amazfit band to track sleep and give notifications.
— Support Apple Health app.

Our Sites:
Midong app: app.amazfit.com
Amazfit band: app.amazfit.com

If you have any question or advice, please go to Midong app→Me→Feedback to tell us, we’ll seriously treat every feedback.

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