The ANT USB Service enables ANT wireless communication over a supported* ANT USB stick connected to your phone in conjunction with the ANT Radio Service. Among other use cases, ANT wireless technology allows communication with millions of ANT+ devices in existence, including some of the most popular sport, fitness and personal health applications such as a heart rate straps, running foot pods, cycling power meters, weight scales, blood pressure monitors and more.

Note: If you believe your device can support USB OTG, but the Play Store will not allow you to download this application then you can try manually installing the apk from our GitHub:

More information on ANT and ANT+ technology is available on the ANT Radio Service download page: and on our website:

ANT+ enabled applications typically also require downloading the ANT+ Plugins

*Known Limitations:
-Not compatible with "USB1" ANT sticks (sorry, we know a lot of you would like this but the USB1 uses a different USB controller which is not compatible with our newer versions)
-Connection of ANT USB sticks requires your phone to have USB Host support, if the Play Store allows you to install this ANT USB Service on your phone, your phone should support USB Host, and all that is required is a USB OTG cable and an ANT USB Stick. For detailed requirements please visit
-Some devices (eg Motorola XOOM, Gateway TP-A60/Acer Iconia A500) will suspend the USB when the screen turns off, which will kill any ANT connections. This is a hardware limitation and a workaround must be added by individual apps.
-Applications using very old versions of our interfaces may only work with built-in ANT support and not support ANT devices attached via this USB Service. In this case your only option is to encourage the developers of that application to update their app to use a more recent version. (If your application is not detecting the USB stick, please test if one of our sample apps can detect it, for example you can install and test the ANT+ Plugins and the ANT+ Plugin Sampler. If you can connect to the stick with some apps, but not others, it probably indicates that the problem apps are using the very old legacy interfaces.)

From version ANT USB Service 1.5.2:

-Fix a timing issue on newer Android devices

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ANT USB Service 1.5.2
July 29, 2020


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ANT USB Service 1.5.1
July 8, 2020


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ANT USB Service 1.5.0
June 19, 2020


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ANT USB Service 1.4.0
February 12, 2015


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