WiFi mesh network of smartphones

How to use
1. Run the Anyfi app on a device connected to WiFi.
2. Run the Anyfi app on 1 or more devices not connect to WiFi. Make sure WiFi is enabled on these devices (Airplane mode is fine).
3. Watch as the devices connect.
How it works
Anyfi shares WiFi connections among devices so that even devices out-of-range can connect. The user device automatically connects to nearby hotspots created by other devices, and shares its own connection with others to create a WiFi mesh network of smartphones.
Anyfi only runs when the WiFi is on and the VPN access permission is granted. To see results, you must have 2 or more devices running Anyfi in the network.


If you are a mobile developer, network operator, venue, or municipality looking to create a software-defined, high-performance WiFi Wide Area Network, we offer an SDK for just that :) Please reach out.

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From version Anyfi - Free P2P WiFi 2.0.4:

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