Apowersoft Screen Recorder is a free app that enables you to record screen activities without any hassles and save as HD videos. Aside from recording screen, it can also record audio from mic and synchronize with screencast videos. Utilizing it, you can easily make video tutorials and record gameplays, live shows, video calls, etc. After recording, it gives you quick access to trim videos or even share via Email, YouTube, Google Drive, etc.

👍 Key features

➤ Record screen with audio
It supports recording screen with audio of internal sound via phone speaker which makes it easy to make instructional videos or add commentary to gameplay recording.

➤ Front camera recording
Besides recording phone screen, it can also record your front camera, which will be very useful in adding your face to game recordings.

➤ Flexible overlay icon
This free screen recorder provides you easy access to start, pause and stop recording conveniently. Simply enable overlay icon so that you can start recording in any apps at any time. Plus, you’re also capable of adjusting opacity and enabling shortcuts to control recording easily from the overlay icon.

➤ Trim videos easily
In case that you want to trim unnecessary scenes at the beginning or the end of recorded videos, you can make use of the built-in trimmer to do this trick.

➤ Share videos instantly
After recording screen, you can directly share the recorded videos via other apps on your phone with your friends or family members.


1. Cast phone screen to Computer
This screen recorder supports displaying phone screen on PC and Mac for better viewing experience on condition that you have a receiver on computer.

2. Multiple recording preferences
You can set the right quality for your videos.

Resolution: 360P, 720P, 1080P, etc.
Bit-rate: 1 Mbps to 12 Mbps.
Frame rate: 24 FPS ~ 60 FPS.

It also provides options to customize aspect ratio, size, opacity and rectangular of camera in order to create a personalize video.

3. Show touches in recording
To make videos more instructive, just enable "Show touches" in Settings before capturing and then you can see touch points clearly in recording.

4. Countdown before recording
To get a better preparation for recording, you can configure countdown based on your needs in settings. This will create a 3s or 5s countdown and then recording will begin.

5. Shake to record
This screen recorder allows you to shake your phone screen to start and stop recording.

6. Privacy Protection
To prevent from leaking the private information in apps when recording, you can enable "Privacy Protection". In this way, the recording will pause automatically if you open the protected app and resume when you exit it.

This app supports Android 5.0 and higher.

If you have any problems of using this app, please submit them via Feedback in the app or contact us at support@apowersoft.com. We will fix them ASAP.

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