This application is only for Archos A101XS, A101XS and Archos GamePad, with JellyBean firmware. It won't install on any other device.

Archos Music offers an uncompromised multimedia experience featuring:
- Ability to play music from any computer/NAS in your local network (SMB and UPnP protocols) or from an external USB storage;
- Music browsing with either folder or library based navigation;
- For each category you can choose between list display or cover-grid display;
- Quick access to Favorite, Recently added and Recently played.

From version Archos Music 6.0.57:

6.0.57 - October 2nd, 2014
- minor bug fixes
6.0.56 - September 8th, 2014
- fix music playback with android 4.4
- use refresh option for SMB listing
6.0.33 - September 24th, 2013
- add ability to play voice recoder files
- fix directories with lots of files sometimes not loading correctly in SMB mode.
6.0.30 - August 1st, 2013
- Fix path for USB storage
- Better external storage presence monitoring
- Fix refresh in SMB browser

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Archos Music 6.0.57
October 2, 2014


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