Rear HDR+ Capture
Front HDR+ Capture
Lens Blur
Google Lens (Only on "Pixel3Mod" or 5.3.015 versions)

Known Issues (please don't "report" these issues unless a posted version specifically states it has been fixed):
-Locks up when trying Portrait Mode
-Autofocus doesn't work perfectly
-Slow Motion (doesn't work on most devices without a Magisk mod)

From version GCam - Arnova8G2's OnePlus 6 Google Camera port (Pixel2Mod)

- Added the Miniuser123 MOD settings
- Add toggle remove green tint on back and front camera
- Add toggle dynamic blacklevel for devices compatible
- Some fix of the devices so users have to share the logcat

Uninstall the previous version, add a new signature compatible with Google Play Protect.

All versions


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