T9 App launcher provides a fast way to launch apps installed on your phone. It helps you search installed apps using T9 syntax. For example, Chromer can be quickly found by typing 2476637.

⚡ Features:
🔹 Quickly search app by typing T9 syntax.
🔹 Uninstall app from long press menu.
🔹 Open play store link of the app from long press menu.
🔹 Open App Info page of the app from long press menu.

⏲ Planned features:
T9 app launcher is in development right now and expected features to come are themeing options, more context menu actions and icon pack support.

If you would like to share your feedback during the development of T9 App Launcher, please send me an email via beta feedback system.
From version T9 App Launcher 0.2.1:
App is under development and more features are planned.
Version 0.2.1
Major search performance improvement.
🆕New "Add to home screen" in long press menu.
Version 0.2
🆕Search both middle and beginning of the app name.
🆕UI improvements
Faster launch times.
Fixed duplicates items appearing some times.
Crash fixes.
All versions
June 30, 2017