Turns your computer into a personal cloud
- Install ASUS HomeCloud Server on your computer,you can share photos or video clips with your HomeCloud member at anytime easily

Always connected, remote wake up
- ASUS HomeCloud support exclusive connection technology, so you can connect to HomeCloud Server from smartphone/tablet with ease. Besides, ASUS HomeCloud supports remote wake-up function, even your computer is in sleep mode, you can still wake up your HomeCloud Server from the outside

Absolute privacy
- Compared to the files you stored on public cloud, using ASUS HomeCloud can store the files in your own computer, and will be only accessible by your HomeCloud members

* This application is available to ASUS HomeCloud members using Android phone or tablet to connect back to HomeCloud Server

More instructions please visit the website https://home.asuscloud.com

From version HomeCloud

 New version for 2015
 UI/UE optimization
 Improve the stability of the connection to HomeCloud Server
 Improved stability and security
 Bug fixes and performance improvements

All versions
October 21, 2015


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