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- Optimize some processes for nexus 6P with android 6.0
- Improved device setup wizard

About ASUS AiPlayer

ASUS AiPlayer is an app that allows you to stream music saved on mobile devices or USB storage paired with ASUS enhanced media routers*, then play it through speakers connected to the RP-N53, RP-N14, RP-AC52, WMP-N12 and other DLNA compatible audio players.

1. Scans your home network automatically via Wi-Fi to detect devices
2. Lists all stream-able media on your mobile devices and any other networked devices
3. Live media player control
4. Keeps track of recently-played media history
5. Saves favorite media libraries for easy access
6. Multi-room audio broadcast supported, allowing music streaming to multiple RP-N53s (beta)

- Find out more about Enhanced Media ASUS routers: www.asus.com/Networking/
- ASUS RP-N53 is the first range extender for Enhanced Media ASUS routers, with more models coming soon

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