What's new in Night Driver™

From version Night Driver™ 1.04:

• Brand new look and feel for the UI and menus
• New ‘Hawk’ vehicle added
• Improved car handling
• Updated AI traffic behaviour
• Re-balanced gameplay and difficulty
• Updated road surface graphics for Rural and Desert tracks
• Improved physics and collisions
• Bug fixes

About Night Driver™

Own the road in Night Driver™, a fast-paced, single-handed endless driver set under the dark sky. Based on the classic, groundbreaking Atari® hit of the same name that started the racing genre, Night Driver is the exhilarating, re-imagined update. Unleash nitrous boosts to go full throttle through exotic locations at night from city freeways to coastal resorts as you navigate through traffic and other obstacles on ever-changing roadways. Upgrade and enhance your car’s performance, look and style by covering the most distance and collecting fast-pass tokens and crates. Choose from a range of slick and powerful vehicles to dominate the illuminated roadway and tune-up and view your collection of cool roadsters in 360 degrees in the garage before taking them out on the road across three different game modes.

All versions
Night Driver™ 1.04
June 7, 2018


Uploaded:June 7, 2018 at 5:34AM UTC

File size:30.28 MB


Night Driver™ 1.03 beta


Uploaded:March 2, 2018 at 9:47PM UTC

File size:30.06 MB


Night Driver™ 1.02 beta


Uploaded:March 1, 2018 at 9:10PM UTC

File size:30.14 MB