Run your WooCommerce store wherever you are.

Manage orders, track sales, and monitor store activity with real-time order alerts.

Scroll through, filter, or look up specific orders. Tap to view order information – including product(s), value, customer data, shipping details, and notes.

See which products are performing best. Check your overall revenue and view order and visitor data by week, month, and year.

Get notifications about store activity – including new orders and product reviews.

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Requirements: WooCommerce v3.5+, the Jetpack plugin.
From version WooCommerce 1.4-rc-2:
We’ve improved the app by showing product images on the review and order screens, and also by fixing some little issues that came up for some folks while moderating reviews.
We took care of a couple of rare crashes, and fixed issues with Stats and Top Performers.

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