Protect your most used apps and make sure nobody else can access them - not your child or even an intruder. With Avast App Locker, you create one 4-digit PIN and choose the apps you would like to be locked.

Of the dozens of apps that you have already downloaded on your smartphone, how many do you use regularly? The most used are probably social media apps, your banking app, e-mail and other communication apps. These are actually the most privacy sensitive with tons of private data.

Avast App Locker protects your sensitive content against mobile phone intrusion.

What Avast App Locker can do for you:

Lock apps with a PIN to maintain your privacy
✔ Ensure children don’t access the wrong apps
Hide sensitive content from intruders
Lock all messenger apps and make sure nobody sees your conversations

Avast App Locker - developed by the most trusted desktop and mobile security company

Avast App Locker effectively protects and hides content from intrusion or children who accidentally or purposely access your phone content.

Please note: Avast App Locker functionality can also be found within the Avast Mobile Security app. If Avast Mobile Security is also installed on your device when opening App Locker, the function will default to mobile security.

For full security protection, install Avast Mobile Security.

From version Avast App Locker 1.0.1:

- Bugfixes
- Fixed compatibility with some devices

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Avast App Locker 1.0.1
February 11, 2016


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