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Avi-on is a large scale commercial lighting control solution for office, school, healthcare, warehouse, manufacturing, parking garage, horticultural, and other industrial applications. Using new/current smartphones or tablets with current operating systems, commercial installers can quickly set-up devices, program schedules, and add sensors, scene controllers, or wireless switches. No wi-fi hub or gateway is required. All schedules and settings are saved on a Bluetooth chip inside each device. Once programmed locally, the schedules will operate without the Internet or your phone nearby.

Avi-on enables many users to control many devices through a single account. Your account and settings are saved in the Avi-on cloud, providing instant back-up. If you want wi-fi access, 24/7 clock synchronization, and/or Alexa compatibility, install an optional Avi-on Remote Access Bridge (RAB). The RAB turns Avi-on into a DLC 4.0 certified networked energy monitoring solution that meets the toughest building codes and maximizes utility rebates where available.

How do you get started?
• Power any Avi-on compatible device by wiring it or plugging it in (adaptor, plugin, switch, sensor, LED driver, wall station, etc
• Use a current smartphone or tablet with current OS with Bluetooth and has strong wi-fi access
• Download the latest version of the Avi-on app. Register your account and password. Check spam folder for verification and password emails
• Stand near the powered device(s). Press the big + button to add your first device. FAQs are here:

What are optional accessories for your Avi-on network?
• Avi-on fixture adaptors
• Avi-on battery and AC wall stations
• Avi-on sensors for occupancy/vacancy and daylight harvesting
• Avi-on Movable Switch: 3-way wireless switching
• Avi-on Remote Access Bridge (RAB): energy monitoring, 24/7 network synchronization, Wi-fi remote control, and Alexa compatibility

From version Avi-on 1.15.0:

- Driver Mixing CCT Support
- New configuration screen for Scene Controller configuration
- Scene Controller preset mode dim values are now configurable
- Cloud sync improvements
- Claiming & group creation improvements
- Android 11 support
- Network Time Manager Configuration Screen
- Firmware Status feature to get latest firmwares
- Security patches

(nodpi) (Android 6.0+)
Latest: 1.15.0 on September 20, 2021
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