Join the competitive battle of strategy and action in Minions & Mayhem! Summon heroes in the real-time arena to defeat all your enemies on the battlefield! Dozens of legends are at your call: Luna, Monkey King, Athena, Saladin, Dracula, Dragon Knight, Titan & many more.

Experience a thrilling battle and defeat your rivals using your best deck and managing your resources wisely. The famous world-class pro players such as Moon, TeD and Fly100% have already shown their expertise in Minions & Mayhem. Let's join the fight!

Duel players from around the world in real-time. Destroy the opponent's troops and castle in the 1v1 mode arenas, or stand in the 2v2 arena side by side with a teammate to confront the enemies.

Collect, level up, and manage your team of legendary heroes, as well as soldiers and mechs. Build your deck wisely to open up tactical depth. A better understanding of unit abilities, lineup and timing will lead you to victory.

Form a guild to get access to special perks and training camps, along with the chance to knock down the mighty Guild Boss. Get more friends in game and strengthen your guild. Your prestige community will make a name in the magic world.

Watch live battles of the best players right in game. Learn the tactics while enjoy the show!

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From version Minions & Mayhem 3.0.0 beta:

· Improved matchmaking for UK/EU server
· Open beta now available in the Scandinavian countries
· Bug fixes

All versions