Soon is a social bucket list that helps you remember, discover and experience things that make life more fun.

Keep track of what you want to do next, like Movies and TV shows to watch, Books to read, Places to visit etc! Follow friends to see things they're adding.

Awesome movies you heard about, cool cafés you pass by, book tips from a friend, new restaurants to check out etc.

Adding something to Soon i.e a movie you wil automagically get all the info you need. Description, maps and images. Soon also let you see what your friends are adding to their lists, how they are rating stuff and what's trending in your area.

Soon is also perfect for sharing recommendations, just share items or your lists to friends on the web.

We’ll keep adding new categories and features in coming releases, please let us know if you have any ideas or feedback. :)
From version Soon 3.21.10:
So, what’s new?
In this release we Introduce “Global search”. We have redesigned the “Trending” and added a global search, making it instant and smooth to search and add new items, directly from the tabbar.

What to test:
- Search and add new Items from the global search-tab on the tabbar
- Add at least one item per category, including items to your “City lists”
- Try creating a new item from scratch (search for something that does not exist then tap create)

Good luck and have fun!

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