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Relive memories from your cloud-connected Lenovo Smart Frame with ease. The Lenovo Smart Frame lets you relive that magnificent sunset, magical wedding moment or a tranquil Christmas morning back home. This Android Phone App helps you setup & configure your Lenovo Smart Frame with ease.

- Connect and sync your Google Photos account to relive your momments instantly
- Get access to hundres of free artworks to decorate your home
- Configure settings, curate photos and control your Lenovo Smart Frame

From version Lenovo Smart Frame 1.2.0604:

1. Added photo crop toggle
2. Added note function
3. Added filter function for the Art Gallery channel
4. Network connection improvements
5. Bug fixes

1. Ajout d'une bascule de rognage de photo
2. Ajout d'une fonction de note
3. Ajout d'une fonction de filtre pour le canal Galerie d'art
4. Améliorations de la connexion réseau
5. Corrections de bogue

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February 5, 2021
November 20, 2020
October 30, 2020