Change Detection allows you to monitor any website to receive notifications when it is updated. This app works natively, without the need for any external servers (your data is safe), using all the latest technologies, a great UI and it is open source.

Use cases:
- Teacher says grades will be published "soon", but no one knows what "soon" means and you are tired of reloading.
- You are working with a server and wants to know the result from a request, periodically.
- You are waiting for updates on an Exam, like if something was postponed or updated.

It also also showcases all the Android Architecture Components working together: Room, ViewModels, LiveData, Paging, WorkManager and Navigation.

When a change is detected on background, a notification (alert) is displayed. It currently doesn't work with login pages, but contributions are welcome. There are 3 viewers for the app, a text viewer that compares website history in a git-like way, with line by line added/removed and green/red, a pdf viewer which displays multi-paged PDFs on a carousel like interface, inspired by Lottie's open source sample app, and an image viewer, similar to the Pdf viewer, but with support for tiling (which allows heavy pictures to load faster and with lower memory).

✅ Notification when a website changes
✅ Monitor multiple websites
✅ Visual difference of all modifications (diff)
✅ Browse different versions of a site, PDF, image, or a text file.
✅ Does not require any permissions.
✅ Gradient color customisations for each item.
✅ Material design and latest Android Architecture Components.
❌Doesn't work with pages that require login.

✨ Source code is available here:

From version Change Detection - Monitor webpages in background 2.2:

Backup functionality, new add/edit dialog, app size is 50% lighter and a lot of internal improvements.

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