Keep your screen on when your device is running your GPS application, favorite remote control, playing a movie or slideshow, etc.
Perfect to keep your screen on without dimming for application development. Your screen will never go back to sleep until you want it to.

Some games (Poke GO) and other applications stop running when the screen is turned off. You need to leave GPS of your phone running and the screen on to play game and this causes the battery to be consumed faster. ‘Battery Extender GO’ turns the screen off, minimizes the brightness while the game keep running so it saves your battery. When game starts to run, Battery Saver can be auto-activated. This is a Smart Screen.

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”Battery Extender GO” 🏆 Features:
★ Awake screen
★ Smart screen
★ It turns the screen off and saves your battery while it allows game(Poke GO) or any application to keep running
★ It asks for a lock pattern to turn the screen on
★ It alerts when battery drops to below a certain level which you can customize.
★ It turns the screen off and starts saving the battery automatically after a short while in which the game(Poke GO) or any application keep running. (Premium Feature)

How to Use?

Steps for Freemium

1- Start “Battery Extender GO”.
2- Start game or app.
3- Tap on notification in the android status bar. Then your screen will be turned off.
4- Tap to screen to turn it on. (Pattern lock)
5- The life of your battery will be extended, using “Battery Extender GO”.

Steps for Premium

1- Start “Battery Extender GO”.
2- Put a checkmark on auto-save battery option.
3- Start game(Poke GO) or app.
4- Screen will be turned off automatically, after a period that you set in options. You do not need to do anything else.

Important Notes

★ Do not press on power button. Pressing on power button would lock screen and stop game from running.

Why We Need the Permissions
Full network access - To get your feedbacks and know any errors you may face.
Retrieve running apps - To see if game (Poke GO) or app is running
Draw over other apps - To turn the screen off-on and extend the battery life. The app draws just on game or app.
Control vibration - To alert the low battery
Prevent phone from sleeping - To keep the app running while you play the game or app.

Important: To be able to prevent hardware buttons from pressing wrongly, we need “Accessibility permission”. You will be asked to give permission for observing your actions and text you type.
Observing your actions is required for “auto battery save compatibility fix” on couple of devices.
Observing text that you type is required for “Disable recent apps button”, so we can filter that button press.
If you do not need these 2 features, please feel free not to give permission and keep those options deactivated.

Please note "Battery Extender GO" is an unofficial app. We are not affiliated with Poke GO, Niantic Labs or the company or with the game (Poke GO) itself. We developed this "Battery Saver" by ourselves for the community.
This app is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or approved by ©Niantic (developer of Poké Go™) or ©Poké Company.

From version Battery Extender GO - Full Free 2.15:

● Android 8 Supports
● Call problem fixed
● Performance Improvements
● Fixed bugs
● Performance Improvements
● Call problem fixed
● Floating icon disappear problem fixed
● Support Português (Brazil)
● Add whitelist for killbackground process
● Fixed bugs
● Added Kill background process
● Fixed bugs
● Supported Polish, Chinese language
● Heating Problem Fixed
● Daily FREE Premium Feature
● Added Proximity Warning
● Added Change Language

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