The Elder Scrolls®: Legends™ - Heroes of Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls®: Legends™ - Heroes of Skyrim is a strategy card game based on the world and lore of the award-winning Elder Scrolls series. Using Dragons and fan-favorite characters from the world of Skyrim, play for hours or minutes across many game modes that are easy to learn but challenging to master.

Story mode provides hours of solo gameplay in which you’ll earn new Legends cards, decks, and packs. Or draft a deck from scratch and battle a series of computer opponents.

Test your decks against friends, challenge online opponents in ranked play, or draft a deck from scratch and battle other players who have done the same.

Legends gameplay features a divided battlefield with “lanes” that deepen your strategy options.

You can upgrade certain cards in Legends by winning games with decks that contain them. Level up your cards to improve your decks, give you more flexibility, and tailor them to your play style.
From version The Elder Scrolls®: Legends™- Heroes of Skyrim 1.66.0:
Game Update 66.0: Patch Notes – July 26, 2017
General Bug Fixes
• All five Skyrim Theme Decks have new deck tile art, which can be changed by players. Also, these deck art images are now available for use with all decks of the appropriate classes.
• Many card hangers have had their text and images improved.
• Many Solo Arena decks have had Titles added to their opponents.
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