BiP is a secure and easy-to-use communication platform.

On top of core communication features such as instant messaging, HD quality voice and video calls; BiP presents the secure way to share photos, documents, voice messages, location and share your memories in your status. BiP also offers a wide range of services depending on your region and channels which allows you to reach out to large audiences.

BiP allows you to share photos, documents, voice messages, location and share your memories in your status.

SECURE: Your messages and calls are secure with BiP. Messages between devices and servers are encrypted in-line with international security standards (TLS). Third parties cannot access or read your messages. BiP does not store your messages and deletes them as soon as they are recieved by the recipient while allowing you to delete your account without leaving a trace. BiP does not share any unauthorized data nor enforces users users to share them.

HIGH QUALITY: With BiP, you can share photos and videos in their actual quality. Photo sharing can be fun through emojis, texts and drawings. BiP offers HD quality voice and video calls up to 15 people around the globe.

FUN : The BiP Status allows you to post updates of photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

STANDS OUT AMONG OTHERS: BiP so much more than just a messaging app…

• Photo and video sharing with BiP Status that disappears after 24 hours !

• Regardless of how far you are, your loved ones and colleagues are a ‘BiP’ away. Instantly connect via HD voice or video calls with up to 15 people around the globe for FREE*!

• Thanks to BiP, you can translate 106 languages on the go. Simply write your message in your local language and it will automatically be translated on your friend’s phone.

• Customize BiP based on your preferences by adding or removing features by changing icons.

• Discover a wide range of additional services raning from health tips from world renowned DR.OZ, weather forecasts and region specific channels such as BiP Ramadan, which provides menus, recipies along with imsak and sahur alerts.

• Your battery let you down? BiP Won’t! You can continue to create voice and video calls over BiP Web!

• Data charges may apply.

From version BiP - Messenger, Video Call 3.90.15:

We’ve been working to improve your BiP experience!

With this version;

• You can now react to messages in your individual and group chats with emoji.

• We have fixed some bugs and made UI improvements.

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