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Shoot makes it easy to send a big batch of photos or a large video directly from your Android device to your friends.

It doesn’t matter what device they use or which network they are on: Shoot just works.

Shoot is powered by BitTorrent Sync’s peer-to-peer technology, so large items are no problem. Files move directly between people without going through the cloud...and your data remains completely private.

Shoot is great when you’re at a concert with friends, on vacation with family, or at a birthday dinner. Quickly and easily share the memories that matter, faster.

Three easy steps to use Shoot:
• Open the app and tap ‘Send’ to select photos and video on your device.
• Have the people you want to share with scan the QR code that pops up. The more devices, the better!
• Your items will automatically transfer between devices.

With Shoot, your first three sends are free. An in-app purchase enables unlimited sending. Receiving items is always free.

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