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Blinkist gives you all the big ideas, spades of inspiration, and learning to help curious minds grow.

From great audio books & podcasts come important ideas! Blinkist transforms the key insights of thousands of bestselling books & popular podcasts into powerful bite-sized formats you can read or listen to in 15 minutes.

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OFFLINE-MODE so you can enjoy your favorite book insights without Wi-Fi
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🔖 27 CATEGORIES to explore + book reviews + audio books + more


Our rating and reviews speak for themselves:

Trevor: “Blinkist by far has the best book summaries when compared to any other provider in my opinion. It’s really surprising how much information you can get so quickly and easily with this app.”

Brandon: “Excellent app. Book summaries are concise and accurate.”

Jared “Worth every penny. Wasn't sure about short book summaries, but started with books I'd read already and very satisfied you get the main ideas. My benefits 1) I get inspiring/useful summaries of books that I wouldn't have time to read that are far more useful than other sources. 2) There are books I don't agree with and wouldn't invest time reading, but reading the blinks I get a large variety of ideas and further understand other views. 3) Some blinks are so great I just have to buy the book!”


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