Build credit, save money, and get up to $250* cash instantly when you join over 4 million members on the financial health & budgeting app that works for you. Brigit can help get your finances on track with instant cash advances, budgeting tips, gig work & more. It only takes 2 minutes to sign up for access to advances, credit tools, budget insights and money saving opportunities.

Empower your financial future with Brigit. Members have saved over $435 million - $344 annually per member**. Plus, 91% of members report less financial stress with Brigit.


Instant Cash Advance - Up To $250 Instantly*
• Get cash now with hassle-free repayment options
• Connect your bank, monitor your balance and get real-time alerts to help avoid overdrafts
• Get unlimited cash advances with no interest, late payment fees or tips
• Pay it back when you can. Set the terms in-app or reach out to
• Example $250 cash advance: Sent via debit card instantly & paid back on the date you set with no interest, $0 origination fees, $0 processing fees, $0 transfer fees related to the money advance

Build Credit & Save Money
• Save money & build your credit score*** easily with the Brigit personal finance app
• A 12-24 month loan is arranged for you & all funds are stored in a new deposit account
• Start building by contributing as little as $1 per month – the rest is paid from the new account
• Tally up the savings. Extra money put into the loan gets returned to you when paid off!
• No credit check or security deposit required
• Credit bureau reporting to Experian, Equifax & Transunion

Credit Builder Loans
• Grow credit and track your score with Brigit’s credit builder tools
• Credit Builder Loans are 0% APR
• Loan terms range between 1-2 years
• Loans issued by Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC
• Credit Builder Loan example: a $600 loan, paid back over 12 months with $50 dollar monthly payments & no interest (Max 0% APR). $0 for processing, origination, late payment, transfer, or early payment fees. Total Cost: $600

Monitor Your Finances & Track Your Budget
• Connect your bank account to monitor your earnings and expenses
• Track your credit score & keep a tally on your bills
• Empower yourself with full credit reports & tools to help you prosper
• Budget better with our bill forecaster & smart spending tracker
• Get alerts to avoid overdraft fees
• Keep your identity safe from fraud with up to $1 million in identity theft protection
• Simplify personal finance with our credit tracker and monthly budget planner

Earn Money With Brigit
• The earning & savings app made to put extra cash in your wallet
• Earn cash now with surveys & partner offers no matter your current financial situation
• Earn money with part-time, full-time, gig & remote jobs
• Cash back, discounts, insurance savings, personal loans & more are a few taps away

Easy Sign Up. No Red Tape.
• Connect your bank account. Brigit works with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, TD Bank, Chase Bank & 15,000+ more
• Two simple plans. No hidden fees, tips or fine print
• Basic Plan: Free account alerts & financial insights
• Plus Plan: Flat $9.99/month with cash advances* & tools to help you build credit, budget better & save

Support 7 Days a Week at

Brigit is not affiliated with loan apps, money apps, Credit Karma, Kikoff Credit Builder Loan, Credit One, Credit Strong, Albert, Earnin, Dave Bank, Chime, Cleo, Klover, MoneyLion, FloatMe, Empower, Cash Now App, Venmo, Self, Rocket Money or Possible Finance

(*) Not all users will qualify; Advances range from $50 - $250

(**) Analysis conducted by Brigit, assumes an average overdraft fee of $34

(***) Impact to credit score may vary, and some users’ credit scores may not improve. Results depend on many factors including whether your loan payments are on time, the status of your other, non-Brigit accounts, and financial history

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We’ve now launched Credit Builder, allowing you to build your credit score while you save! Forget about putting money up-front or paying interest or admin fees. Members can build credit while saving. This replaces our Credit Protect & Secure service, but you still get access to your credit report and free ID theft protection with your membership.

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