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This is a Plugin for Total Commander for Android!
It does not work standalone!

Do NOT install if you do not use Total Commander!

IMPORTANT: If you cannot connect to your server with version 3, then your server probably doesn't support the SMB2 protocol.
Solution: Please open the connection settings by long tap on the connection name. Then disable SMB2. This will use the old SMB1 protocol. Normally the plugin should detect automatically when a server doesn't support SMB2, but some NAS devices seem to react differently.

From version LAN plugin for Total Commander 3.20:

3.20: Show active connection notification, and allow to disconnect manually, copy timestamp also to content: URLs
3.10: Bugfixes for some routers, dialogs not translated
3.09: Master password option was lost if SMB2 option was set incorrectly
3.08: Upload to Win9x faulty (bug in jcifs)
3.07: Error accessing Fritzbox beta firmware
3.06: Couldn't transfer files containing # character
3.05: Report error on partial upload

(Android 1.5+)
Latest: 3.08 on March 25, 2019
(Android 1.6+)
Latest: 3.20 on October 18, 2020
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