This is a Plugin for Total Commander for Android!
It does not work standalone!

Do NOT install if you do not use Total Commander!

Note: This plugin allows to connect to SFTP servers (file transfer over SSH secure shell). For FTPS (FTP over SSL), please use the separate FTP plugin from the Play Store:

Why is this plugin so big? It includes the free sshj library for ssh connections. To support authentication via client certificates, it also has to include libraries from the BouncyCastle project.
From version SFTPplugin for Total Commander 2.30:
- Support private key encrypted with AES-128/192/256-CTR
- Fix crash in SCP only mode
- Use SCP only on servers not supporting SFTP
- much faster uploads and downloads, especially when using SCP
- Support for ECDSA private key authentication with curves: NIST256, NIST384, NIST521, Ed25519
- Support for 2 factor authentication (e.g. Google authenticator)
- Show symlinks with instead of size, follow symlinks to directories
Latest: 1.07 on August 8, 2016
Latest: 2.30 on September 21, 2018
All versions