Carrier® SMART Service is a dynamic, proactive strategy for enhanced equipment and system management. Through the identification and analysis of chiller and system operating trends, more informed decisions can now be made relative to meeting comfort demands, implementing service, maintenance or repair events and improving a building’s financial performance. This unique service can be included in a Carrier Service Agreement plan as part of a regular preventive and predictive maintenance program.

The SMART Service app allows SMART Service customers to quickly and easily view Insight into chiller operation and trends of HVAC units noting the serial number of the chiller to view.

From version Carrier® SMART Service 2.3.0:

Now our App's main page can Show All your assigned devices at once along with existing experience of getting device based on tenant.

Enhanced search and filter options to get better and quick results on your fingertips.

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February 14, 2020
December 23, 2019