Cerebral offers online psychiatric and therapeutic help for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can have:

- Video/phone appointments with your prescribing mental health provider
- Ongoing sessions with your therapist or care counselor in which you can discuss your progress and learn new skills, like mindfulness
- Any prescribed medications delivered straight to your door

Getting started is easy, and many members can have their first visit within 20 minutes of signing up!

Here’s how it works:
1. Tell us a bit about your symptoms by answering a few short questions.
2. Select a plan that suits your needs. Membership plans include prescription services, therapy, or a combination of both.
3. Get on a video/phone call with one of our prescribing mental health providers.
4. Chat with your counselor.
5. Receive any prescribed medications within just a few days.
6. Have regular check-ins with your mental health provider and counselor.

Now, you can easily access your Cerebral meetings and message your care team with your Android device. It’s like having a full mental health team on call: wherever and whenever you need them.

Cerebral can have positive impacts on your mental health and well-being, just like it has for so many of our patients. Here’s what a few of them are saying:

“My therapist suggested I consider antidepressants months ago, but the cost to see a psychiatrist was too high. So I just didn’t try antidepressants at all for awhile. Since my therapist referred me to Cerebral, I get to talk not only to my prescribing doctor but also to a care counselor who makes herself available to answer all of my questions.” - Alex M

“What an easy way to access really awesome care. Cerebral makes it easy - and my doctor and care counselor really care about me. When I first signed up, I thought it would be all about medication, but my Care Counselor Steven has shown me techniques like deep breathing exercises that really calm me down when I’m having a hard time.” - Diana L

“Cerebral makes it so easy!!!” - David C.

Sign up for a membership at getcerebral.com.

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