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We all receive more emails than ever before, but now you can take back control of your inbox. Clean Email is the fastest and easiest way to make your inbox cleaner and more useful.

Using powerful rules, filters, and automation, Clean Email helps you focus on what matters. Remove messages you don’t want, organize the ones you do, and save time doing it. Clean Email gives you the space you need to get things done.

With Clean Email, you can:

• Analyze your inbox to decide which emails you want and which ones you don’t.

• Organize email in new and more powerful ways. Label, move, and delete large groups of emails with ease. Quickly archive old emails, keep only the newest messages, and more.

• Screen emails like phone calls. Choose whether to receive messages from new senders.

• Stop unwanted email at the source by blocking people who won’t stop sending.

• Automate your inbox — Clean Email learns from your behavior and preferences to suggest how to keep your inbox clean. Highlight important messages and hide ones you don’t want to see.

• Easily unsubscribe from overly enthusiastic stores and senders.

• Process emails you need efficiently. Save important emails for later when you have the time and headspace to deal with them properly.

• Use Auto Clean to process, filter, and sort your incoming emails automatically.

• Stay safe. Clean Email doesn’t collect or sell your data. In fact, we don’t even analyze it. We’re Google verified and have third-party security certification to prove it.

• Keep your details safe. Clean Email continuously searches for data breaches and alerts you if your email address has been compromised to help you take action sooner.

Clean Email works with your existing email address and favorite email apps, so there’s no need to change anything to get a clean inbox. All of your favorite email providers are supported including IMAP accounts. With apps for all of your devices, Clean Email is always just a tap away.

Supported email services include:

- Gmail and Google Workspace
- iCloud
- Yahoo Mail
- Hotmail, Outlook, and Office 365
- Fastmail
- GMX Mail
- Any IMAP account

***Try Clean Email for free***
We won’t charge you a penny to clean your first 1,000 emails. Clean Email will also unsubscribe you from 50 newsletters and run Screener and Auto Clean rules for 14 days so you can see how they help keep you on track at no cost.

Choose an auto-renewing subscription to receive all of our powerful email cleaning features. Prices start at just $9.99/month for one email account or take advantage of our special $29.99/year plan, saving you 75% over the monthly rate. Clean Email is the advanced email organizer you and your team have been waiting for.

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April 1, 2023
Android 4.4+
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