Meet new friends, just in Heat Up!

Millions of friends have met from Heatup. Are you ready?
Heatup is a real and reliable social platform where you can do text chat, voice chat, and video chat with strangers. Every user needs to pass real-name certification. It's so easy to make friends sincerely!

【Friends in the same city/nearby】
Recommend people nearby on the homepage with clear profiles, which helps you to make friends more quickly without the distance limitation!

【Real person authentication】
Through authoritative AI algorithm audit, real person authentication can get exclusive labels, which guarantee every user is authentic and reliable!

【Voice and video matches】
Random audio and video match to help you find friends who are more suitable for you. Making chat more intuitive and making friends easier!

Meet new people in the chat room. Sing with others, find game friends or send gifts. Here, you can use text or voice to do live chat. just enjoy the great voice chat party!

You can create a ‘Family’ and invite your friends and families to join with. More fun activities are waiting for you!

【Smart matching, matchmaker assistance】
With Heatup’s big data algorithm of LBS, you will find it has been easier to make a friend than ever since!

Besides, Cool platform gifts let him or her feel your kindness and active platform atmosphere let you enjoy to share your wonderful moments by posts! Make friends in Heatup, show your truest self, and find true congenial friends!

Heatup - it's easy to meet!
A very direct social platform that can help you meet new friends quickly.

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From version Heat Up - Chat & Make friends 1.46.0:

Amazing features! "Pinball Emoji" is coming, press the screen to launch your emoji! Post your moments in your family ! Come and try~
1.Pinball emoji! Catch the eye of the whole room!
2.New sign up function! Get more coins!
3.Set your own family room, share your happiness with your friends!
4.Fixed several issues to improve the product experience

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Heat Up - Chat & Make friends 1.46.0


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Heat Up - Chat & Make friends 1.45.3


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Heat Up - Chat & Make friends 1.45.2


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Heat Up - Chat & Make friends 1.45.1


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Heat Up - Chat & Make friends 1.44.2


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Heat Up - Chat & Make friends 1.44.1


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Heat Up - Chat & Make friends 1.43.1


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Heat Up - Chat & Make friends 1.43.0


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Heat Up - Chat & Make friends 1.42.2


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Heat Up - Chat & Make friends 1.42.1


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