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Discover Webnovel's library of exclusive novels such as The Supreme Magus, Young Master Damien’s Pet, Nanomance Reborn, and tremendous translated novels like Library of heaven’s path, Lord of the Mysteries, Full Marks Hidden Marriage, as well as numerous adapted comics.

Read scenes from your favorite Webnovels, such as The King’s Avatar, Release that witch, and Battle Frenzy. Come to life as you jump into a wonderful world full-filed with comics and novels.

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Join Webnovel millions of readers, looking forward to the Webnovel daily-updated chapters. The Webnovel brings you an unequal and immersive comic-reading and novel-reading atmosphere.

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Webnovel attracts over a million readers and authors who dedicate all passions to reading and writing. No matter whether you like reading translated Webnovel or the original one, or Fantasy novels, with sharing common interests in reading, readers and authors come together, regardless of genre. Download Webnovel now. Start your reading or writing journey and be part of a fun-loving and active community.

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Webnovel 6.4.4
May 29, 2023


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May 25, 2023


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May 20, 2023


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Webnovel 6.4.1
May 19, 2023


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Webnovel 6.4.0
May 19, 2023


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Webnovel 6.3.7
May 17, 2023


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Webnovel 6.3.6
April 25, 2023


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April 19, 2023


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Webnovel 6.3.0
April 14, 2023


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Webnovel 6.2.1
April 10, 2023


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