Great games lead to better habits with hum kids by Colgate, smart toothbrushes and connected app technology that work together to guide kids to brush better! Augmented Reality provides a fun gaming experience, while helping kids learn good lifelong habits. The parents-only dashboard helps you monitor each of your kids and their progress.

Make brushing fun + effective!
Brush with fun games:
Turn everyday routines into 2-minute brushing games!

Teach where and how to brush:
With hum kids, your child will learn proper brushing technique across all zones in their mouth, helping them establish good lifelong brushing habits!

Track your child’s progress:
Easily check whether your child missed a spot or an entire brushing session via the parents section!

Reward good brushing:
Your child will unlock new levels and game experiences as they brush!

From version hum kids by Colgate 3.0.4:

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hum kids by Colgate 3.0.4
October 24, 2022


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hum kids by Colgate 3.0.1
August 12, 2022


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hum kids by Colgate 3.0.0


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hum kids by Colgate 2.9.4
April 28, 2022


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hum kids by Colgate 2.9.1


Uploaded:March 1, 2022 at 5:01PM UTC

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hum kids by Colgate 2.9.0
February 15, 2022


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hum kids by Colgate 2.8.7
January 25, 2022


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hum kids by Colgate 2.8.6


Uploaded:December 27, 2021 at 6:26PM UTC

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