1.Intelligently Categorize Photos & Videos
Automatically recognizes and categorizes your media files. Uses 84 labels to neatly group them for a quick look-up. It will satisfy the needs of most users for daily photography.

2.Personalize Videos With Sleek Templates
Selects only your best-quality photos and videos. Chooses from a selection of sleek templates to enhance your videos.

3.Automatically Generate Memories
You may be lost in the huge number of photos in the Albums and don't know where to start to edit them?With enough video clips, Soloop will intelligently generate a rhythmic memory, which will be automatically displayed on the home screen of Soloop. You can export the video automatically after viewing it and share your best moments with just one tap.

From version Soloop 1.28.2:

1. Added duration options for the AI cut feature. (10 s, 15 s, 20 s, 30 s)
2. Added the records of recently used templates for the AI cut feature.
3. Added the Word art module. You can now edit font size, color, and use word art fonts during manual edit.

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February 3, 2021
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