XFINITY Share makes it easy to share your favorite moments with friends and family as they happen. Live stream directly from your smartphone to an X1 TV or another Share app user. Plus, send photos and videos to relive your favorite memories.

Key features:

    • Capture video directly on your smartphone and stream in real-time to an X1 TV


    • Send photos and recorded videos from the camera roll on your smartphone to an X1 TV


    • Live stream and send photos and recorded videos from the camera roll on your smartphone to another Share app user’s smartphone


    • Cast photos from your smartphone to view on your TV in real time


    • WiFi or 4G/LTE connection for streaming video


    • Comcast ID or email address and password


  • An eligible X1 set-top-box is required for receiving live streams or shared photos/videos on a TV
From version XFINITY Share 4.1.2:

Updated download confirmation message to be more clear.




We're saying goodbye to XFINITY Share.


As of February 1, 2017, XFINITY Share and any photos or videos stored in the app will no longer be available. Before then, please update to the latest version of XFINITY Share to download any content you want to save.

All versions
XFINITY Share 4.1.2
June 3, 2018


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XFINITY Share 2.0
April 29, 2015


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