The official ConnectWise Control app lets you instantly connect to and remotely control devices, bringing the power and convenience of ConnectWise Control to your Android or Google Chrome OS device. Get secure access to Windows, Mac, Linux, Google Chrome OS and mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

*NEW* The ConnectWise Control app now has support for Google Chrome OS!

With this app you can:
- Host remote support and unattended access sessions in your existing ConnectWise Control instance
- Remotely control computers and workstations
- Remote control devices manufactured by Samsung
- Remotely view non-Samsung Android devices (requires Android 5+)
- Set up unattended access to a mobile device
- Support friends or clients on the go
- Send commands to remote devices
And more!

If you don't have access to Control already, visit to become acquainted with the best remote support software available today!

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From version ConnectWise Control 18.4.20577.6870:
- Improved the usability of the application on ChromeOS devices.
- Modified the application's name and launcher icon.
- Fixed a bug with the status message never transitioning to "Waiting for your host" while setting up unattended access.
- Fixed a bug with the back button not dismissing the extended keyboard.
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